Security Services in Billericay, Essex

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Having good security measures is very important, especially for a business as you usually will have expensive equipment in your building that would be very appealing for thieves. When it comes to security we understand that it is a serious business and we want to make sure that your property is kept as secure as possible, using a variety of our fantastic security services to ensure that your property is guarded and remains secure when you aren't there to keep an eye on it. Our core security services include providing Security Guards, Mobile Patrols, Key Holding, Alarm Response, Specially Trained Dogs and Event Security in London and the South East.

Our services are available to both business clients and private individuals so whether it is to guard your business, home, or valuable possessions we can guarantee that with our fantastic security methods your valuables will be in safe hands at all times and that it is our main priority to ensure that you are receiving the best security service.

We can provide highly trained security guards, who not only guard your premises but also act as a deterrent for theft and gives your business a look of prestige and importance.

We also have a team of dog handlers, the use of guard dogs are great for use on high risk and vulnerable sites as they will deter theft and vandalism and can also hunt out trespassers in areas that might not be safe for a lone security guard to be on their own and areas such as undergrowth, our team of dog handlers and their guard dogs can come in very useful.

Key Holding and Response is another service we provide in Essex, meaning that if an alarm was raised we would respond to it quickly and we would have access to the building meaning that the responsibility is on us and you wouldn't have to worry. We also have a lock/unlock service where we will open up your building on a morning and lock up on a night meaning that yourself and other employees don't have the responsibility of holding the keys for the building.

Event security is another form of security that we can provide for events such as concerts and sporting events, our event security will ensure the safety of those attending the event as well as those performing at the event.

Our other form of security service is mobile patrols, meaning that we can visit your premises in highly visible patrol cars and carry out security checks at agreed intervals throughout the day and night.

If you are interested in any of the security services that we offer in Essex and the surrounding areas, then make sure you get in touch with us and give yourself peace of mind.