Security Guards & Security Patrol in Billericay, Essex

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Prevention is often the cure. The presence of a security guard/guards at your premises in Essex, whether commercial, residential, retail, office, development or construction site is a deterrent against crime and will also add an element of prestige to your organisation.


A security guards presence on your premises is the most effective solution to insure against trespassers, thieves, vandals and unauthorised persons. This is an essential requirement for any organisation running an "out of hours" service where visitor, staff and property protection are key.

There is a growing need in businesses and local authority to provide their employees and visitors with a safe and secure environment. A trained and uniformed security guard will provide a cost effective solution to your front of hours security. The duties can include:

  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Visitor "Meet and greet"
  • Logged security patrols
  • Point of contact (in the event of an emergency)

At WG4, our Security guards are SIA licensed and fully trained in all areas of security. Our security service is tailored to your specific requirement. Your security needs are evaluated so we can provide you with the most suitable personel.

Please contact us for your tailor made quotation for your security requirements and we will be happy to help.