Mobile Patrols in Billericay, Essex

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Mobile Patrols in Billericay, Essex

Here at Wg4 Security we offer a Mobile Patrol service to ensure the safety of your premises and allowing potential intruders to see that there is regular security checks carried out on your property which is a great way of deterring theft and vandals.

We make sure that our highly visible patrol vehicles make regular appearances at your property whether it is business or residential at either random or agreed intervals throughout the day, night or both. This is a great way of making sure that your property is secure and also allows people to see that you have regular visits from trained security personnel and is a great method of deterring crime.

Each time we attend your property we will make sure that all of the relevant security checks are made and we will thoroughly check your premises including doors, windows, gates, roof line, building health and safety and your staff.

People who work alone can often be vulnerable and can sometimes feel like they are unsafe. Mobile Patrol service as we can make regular visits on a day to day basis to make sure that everything is safe and the lone worker is OK and reassured. Times can be arranged for the mobile patrols to visit and carry out the routine security checks or if there hasn't been a check call from a lone worker we can quickly respond and arrive at the premises promptly to ensure that everything is secure and the lone worker is safe. After any visit, our mobile patrol team will log everything and where needed will take photographs or video recordings if necessary.

If you feel like you could benefit from one of our mobile patrol units, making regular security stops at your premises in Essex and carrying out security checks, even if it is just for your peace of mind, then make sure that you get in touch with us here at Wg4 Security so that we can organise suitable arrangements for our mobile patrol units to come to your premises.