Key Holding & Response Throughout Billericay, Essex

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Key Holding

Here at Wg4 Security we offer a key holding and response service. We hold the keys to your property over night so that the responsibility is not on you or your staff to attend alarm call outs or emergencies during unsociable hours. We also respond to any alarms that may go off during the night or at weekends.

By giving us the responsibility of holding your keys we can guarantee that your property will be kept safe, we will hold your keys overnight and make sure that any disturbances that occur at your property are responded to promptly and efficiently to ensure property safety.

If the alarm system is activated, our guards will arrive promptly at your premises and perform a full search of both building and perimeter fencing to be sure that everything is still secure, they will then reset the alarm and log the incident with our 24Hr Control centre. Our guards would also deal with any intruders in the appropriate manner.

Key holding services ensures you will not be called out to your premises during the night or weekends and your staff do not have to risk entering the premises on a night when there could be an intruder in the building that could prove to be potentially dangerous.

We also provide a lock and unlocking service. One of our personnel will lock up your building on a night at a time that you have approved and then re-open again the next morning. This ensures that no one has the responsibility of holding the keys and no one will accidentally forget to lock up, providing peace of mind that your building is properly locked up on a night and is as secure as possible.

Key Holding, Response Service and the lock/unlock service are available to businesses of all sizes, clubs and also home owners, so if you feel like you could benefit from these services in Essex be sure to get in touch with us here at Wg4 Security.