Dog Handlers & Guard Dog Security Throughout Billericay, Essex

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The presence of dog handlers and their exceptionally trained guard dogs are a valuable part of any security team. The use of guard dogs is very effective when it comes to guarding high risk sites and areas as they have been proven to dramatically deter and stop theft and vandalism in these areas.

If your property has a long fence line that needs to be patrolled and kept secure, then the use of a guard dog would be a fantastic way of providing the area with security, as guard dogs act as a very strong visual deterrent. A trained dog and handler have the ability to be able to cover large open areas that need to be patrolled.

The use of dog handlers and guard dogs have been a very successful method when used in public order situations time after time. The natural protective instinct of the dog to protect his handler is very useful when being used as a method of security.

Our teams of dogs have been trained to an exceptionally high standard and are trained to find any intruders, whether these may be in undergrowth or in complete darkness, these are areas where it could prove unsafe for a security guard to patrol on their own.

All of the dogs and handlers that are part of our security team have been trained to B.I.P.D.T. and N.A.S.D.U. standards, and they also all receive regular training from a certified instructor to ensure that both dogs and their handlers maintain the high level of training that they have received. Our team of dog handlers have worked in all types of situations, the different sites they have worked on include TV and Film sets and studios, schools, building sites and Close Protection work. We can also provide dogs that have been trained to search for narcotics and explosives.

If you feel like you could benefit from guard dog security for your property in Essex then make sure you get in touch with us here at WG4.